Strategic HR Consulting

Howatt HR knows that your employee’s effectiveness and productivity is directly affected by their health and wellness. We will help you find HR solutions that will engage your existing workforce and offer you a stronger team for the long term.

Strategic HR Consulting - employee wellness and engagement

Providing organizations with expertise on the employee life cycle. Includes all elements of talent management, HR metrics, HR strategy, Employee health and wellness initiatives, employee conflict and culture.

Howatt HR provides organizations access to strategic HR expertise on demand. We support HR professionals and senior leaders mobilize and maximize the potential of their people.

Our strategic HR best practices are aligned with our organizational development (OD) framework called TalOp®. Click here to learn more about TalOp®.

Our strategic HR approach is unique.

We draw from best practice from several fields including Human Resources Management, Industrial Psychology, Operations Management, Human Behaviour and Employee Health. This lens provide a unique opportunity to discover solutions and insights for leadership to consider and to take advantage of.

Companies work with us on a project base or annual retainer.

The annual retainer model guarantees access on demand to our strategic HR experts. Our HR experts provide organizations with HR leadership, guidance, coaching, and support for a define number of hours each month.

We support organizations in both the design and implementation of HR initiatives:

• Strategic HR planning
• HR score cards & metric design
• Program ROI evaluation
• Change management
13 PHS Factor consulting and program implementation
• Conflict
Climate & Culture challenges (e.g., attraction & retention issues)
• HR policies updates and Audit (these are done in partnership with Lawson Creamer)
• Employee law risk audit (this is done in partnership with Lawson Creamer)
• Mediation (this is done in partnership with Lawson Creamer)

We support the entire employee life cycle.

• Core competency studies
• On Boarding
• Knowledge Transfer (e.g., jump start guides, hand off documents, SOP)
• Selection process design (e.g., job interview tools)
Veri-Hire Selection process audit
• Performance management design and audits
• Leadership fit studies
• Leadership audits
• Professional development
• Leadership training
• Mentoring
• Team building
• Succession Planning
• Off Boarding

Delivering Strategic HR Solutions that support the Employees Life Cycle

Employee Life Cycle chart

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