The Globe and Mail

In addition to Bill Howatt’s regular contribution to The Globe and Mail’s 9 to 5 career column, Howatt HR Consulting partnered with the organization on Your Life at Work Survey, designed to measure your stress, engagement, coping and health risks.

Many employees may know they are unhappy but they may not know what they need to change – or ask from their employers – to improve their life at work. On top of that, there is lots of evidence that shows there is a link between an employee’s health and how productive and engaged they’ll be…that impacts the organization’s bottom line.

This abbreviated QWL™ provides employees immediate feedback on their current QWL™ risk index (sum of stress, engagement, coping and health indices) and where they stand in comparison to other employees across Canada. The higher your score on the risk index, the greater your risk for a slew of health-related issues.

Morneau Shepell

In partnership with Morneau Shepell, Howatt HR Consulting  followed up Bill Howatt’s keynote speech for its annual forum “Employers Connect”, driven by Bell “Let’s Talk” campaign, by providing attendees with a co-branded Cost of Doing Nothing assessment tool. They were additionally invited to complete Howatt HR’s TalOp® Employer’s Version – Assessing Employees’ Quality of Life at Work survey as a part of flash study.

The survey provided attendees with a quick assessment of their employees’ productivity, engagement and health risk and as well to start the conversation on what employees and employers can do better. All participants received an Employer QWL™ risk score, estimated employee productivity and a financial benchmark with respect to lost productivity. These three metrics are designed to get leaders to ask the required questions to confirm and identify any risks and/or untapped potential at your organization.

University of New Brunswick

Bill Howatt and his team at Howatt HR are partnering with the University of New Brunswick’s College of Extended Learning to launch an online program for new and up-and-coming managers. The UNB Certificate in Management Essentials is a 10-course program that provides learners with the core essential management skills required to maximize a manager’s ability to effectively and efficiently facilitate people and processes within an organization. The program covers four essential areas that managers need to succeed: people management, operations management, culture, and personal development. Click to read more about The Certificate of Management Essentials (CME) at UNB.


Working with viDesktop, a preeminent provider of state-of-the-art talent management software and competency-based content to professional services firms worldwide, we developed two surveys for the Globe and Mail in support of both The Globe and Mail study and the co-branded Morneau Shepell Employer QWL Flash Study.

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