Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.

An aging middle management workforce. Company research demonstrated that in 2006 there was a potential for a large retirement of middle managers by 2010 that would expose the company in middle management, a critical position in the manufacturing process. Most of the managers exiting would be leaving with over 30 years of tacit experience, the holders of significant amounts of corporate memory.

Completed an internal audit of current strategies for retaining critical institutional knowledge and transferring it to the next generation of managers. The audit evaluated the application of the existing core competencies for middle management in the performance management process. After a three-month review it was determined there were significant gaps and risks.

Consultations with corporate leaders and the workforce resulted in development of the Michelin Strategic Mentoring Program. This program has been incorporated into the strategic business plan for all car tire factories and three truck tire factories in North America, as a strategy for facilitating management capacity, knowledge transfer, on-boarding, and employee engagement. For this project I oversaw facilitation, development of materials, implementation of policies and process, as well as a train-the-trainer program and launching of the program. In addition, I facilitated development of six knowledge transfer quick start guides and a performance management metric called Key Performance Behaviors that provides a gap analysis of training skills for core competencies, as well as a strategy for implementation and delivery of this tool.

Nominated for an HR award for this program.