Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.

Hiring the right production employee became a critical business decision. In this case, hiring one production employee is equal to saying over their career the company is going to invest $1.5 million in them. The company became keenly aware of the importance of discretionary effort and the need for new hires to be come with core foundation skills, as well as the right cultural personality attributes, values, and motivation. With the rising costs of workers’ compensation and corporate expectations for increases in productivity outputs through its workforce Michelin Canada reviewed its recruiting and selection models and discovered it was missing a large per- centage of potential good hires and in too many cases was hiring the wrong people, who were not a good fit. Due to the cost and risk it was de- termined the organization needed to develop a brand new end-to-end se- lection process, from the application through probation.

The action steps taken involved job analysis, development of new core competency profile, key performance behaviors for the behavioral descrip- tion interviews and performance review, and research and development of new behavioral based tools. This resulted in the design of a new behavioral based selection process, fair hiring philosophy to remove the risk of ad- verse impact and to prevent risk of discrimination to equity groups. It also involved development of new behavioral based interview tools, a new be- havioral biodata inventory, new behavioral based application form, new probationary review process, new interviewer training program. Standard operating procedures were updated, all new processes were presented and validated with senior management and legal and interviewers were training.

Launched new Fair Hiring Selection process and SOP 308, which is now the new standard and practice for selecting production workers for Mich- elin Canada. Developed a data management program for use in Canadian plants.