New York City Department of Education CFO Organization

Due to difficult economic conditions and central budget cuts the DOE CFO was facing a need to:
• Define ways of doing more with less in the central offices
• Improve Employee Engagement and ownership to improve quality
• Improve services and reporting to CFO clients

The CFO also identified that a performance and talent management system was required to:
• Identify the core competencies for manager’s success
• Identify skills gaps in individual’s ability to perform
• Assist management in coaching their teams to close skills gaps
• Assist staff in establishing effective SMART goals aligned to the Chancellor’s goals
• Support the continued professional development of CFO talent
• Enable management to effectively engage in and track the growth and development of their team.

The strategic plan added the important goal of employee engagement to the Chancellor’s Goals of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Howatt HR acted as a facilitator and project manager, helping the CFO group employees discover areas to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and employee engagement and move those discoveries into action. The theme of these initiatives was to build ownership and accountability among the managers and line workers, using Howatt HR Function Mapping Strategy.

Working with the CFO and Executive Directors: SWOT report analysis, de- fine core values, define strategic imperatives, develop SWAT team and review methodology to focus on defining functions for the CFO group, Build DOE Operations Game Plan Guide, align CFO goals to Chancellor’s goals; define core objectives for CFO Group, map out strategic function mapping strategy for CFO group, completed job analysis of key roles.

The following solutions were put in place:
• CFO Accountability Committee
• Employee Engagement Committee
• SMART goal setting methodology for CFO group
• CFO core values and vision as guiding principles for behavior
• Multi-level, inter-departmental employee engagement strategy andEmployee Handbook
• CFO validated core competencies aligned to talent as a foundation for Talent Management
• Plan for identifying and addressing employee performance issues.
• Complete CFO group Function Map
• Talent Map Capacity Calculator for evaluating current bench strength and talent organization capacity.