Nova Scotia Power Inc.

The corporation’s senior management determined it required its HR group to move from being a transactional to a strategic HR group to better meet workforce needs.

Facilitated the development and implemented a strategy for designing a new corporate HR strategy that required detailed analysis and audit of the existing HR core functions and competencies.
Consultations with corporate leaders and the workforce resulted in facilitation, development of materials, and implementation of policies and process for a new corporate HR Strategy that defined HR core functions and services, along with the required HR professional core competencies.

As a result, the HR group obtained new performance management tools and metrics, a communication strategy, a talent management model, an employer of choice strategy (Triangulation Theory Thermo Analysis), a men- toring strategy, a leadership development strategy, a knowledge transfer strategy, and a strategic operational planning and implementation strategy. In addition, an IT solution called the HR Dashboard was developed as an enterprise model for tracking all activity and progress in all core func- tions, as well as measuring HR professionals’ operational responsibilities and strategic initiatives.