Our Strategy

People & process solutions + Productive environments = The competitive edge.

Howatt HR Consulting, Our StrategyHowatt HR is a different approach to managing your organization’s people and processes. Other HR consultancies will design programs around your people. But we look at your organization holistically, from 360 degrees. Our proprietary TalOp® process is unique product that provides managers with transparency into people, process and cultural improvement and employee health. These are critical factors that drive an organization’s management framework; we help our clients achieve operational excellence through aligning strategic planning with people and operational goals.

We create competitive advantages for our clients through qualitative and quantitative approaches to employee care and operational excellence. No other consulting approach applies five lenses of analysis to identify and respond to organizational needs relating to strategy, systems, culture, management effectiveness, productivity and employee health. Our employee care programs include The Total Health Index, performance management, executive coaching, strategic HR and leadership development. Our products are designed to solve complex people and organizations problems.

Every organizations success is dependent on its people. Our talent and operational solutions are designed to remove the risk, fill gaps and realize the return to enhance your people. We pride ourselves in moving theory into tangible solutions that can be put into practice. We show leaders clearly the pro and cons of taking action. We show them the tangible and intangible benefits for taking action…and the cost of doing nothing.

The result, simply, is a competitive edge.

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