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Project Description

14 Minute Mento Book by Tyler Hayden & Bill HowattHow to retain and engage critical employees in this very competitive job market is the subject of many sleepless nights for business leaders.  The Philosopher and Professor: 14-Minute Mentor, a collaboration between Industrial Psychologist Dr. Bill Howatt and Business Consultant Tyler Hayden presents a solution to this very problem.

Philosopher Tyler Hayden weaves a wonderful fable about an entrepreneurial business leader who struggles with losing key talent in his expanding business. On a whim he reaches out to a more established business executive to find the secret to his business success over the decades: Mentoring.  Alongside the fable, Professor Bill Howatt presents his lecture notes on the theory and practice of building a structured mentoring program.  The lecture notes keep step with the story and enable the reader to see the educational underpinnings of Mentoring in our business series’ innovative layout.

The Philosopher and Professor: 14-Minute Mentor offers rich, easy to apply content in a unique presentation that reveals the importance and value of mentoring.

Project Details

  • Client Tyler Hayden & Bill Howatt
  • Date January 10, 2016
  • Tags Coaching, Influencing
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