3 Elements for Effective Recruiting

Publication Date: February 2009

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If a key to an organization’s success is its talent, does it make sense to position the activity for replacing talent as a simple action of interviewing new candidates? How can a company find the right talent without knowing clearly what it needs; without having a clearly defined job description that spells out the specific core competences for the function; without a strategic recruiting process for hiring the right person the first time? The reality is too many organizations fail to make recruiting a priority and waste resources on ineffective hires. 3 elements for Effective RecruitingThere’s a tendency for some companies to assume that the job descriptions stored in their HR databases and trundled out whenever someone leaves or when senior management decides to expand a business are gospel, despite the lack of any current organizational or job analysis. Is it conceivable, then, that the recruitment process in many organizations is invalid or unreliable for both measuring employee effectiveness and finding the right talent the first time? 3 Elements for Effective Recruiting is Volume 8b of the Howatt HR Consulting Talent Management Series that has been developed to promote strategic talent management considerations. One core element in hiring the right talent the first time is a recruiting strategy that’s aligned to the organization’s needs. It should take into consideration factors such as on-boarding. On-boarding is a strategic program to assist new hires to learn, fit into the organizational culture, and develop relationships with employees. These are important factors for influencing employee satisfaction and driving retention and productivity. The three elements in this book provide leaders with core considerations for effective recruiting, strategic planning, and process and implementation. Dr. William A. Howatt, is CEO of Howatt HR Consulting Inc., a strategic human resources management company that focuses on assisting companies to gain a significant competitive edge by minimizing risk to their workforce and focusing on attraction and retention. Maria A. Newport is President of Newport O’Connor (www.newport-oconnor.com), a retained executive search and HR consulting firm that helps its global management and information technology consultancy clientele search for, select, and hire top talent to lead and grow their organizations in the US, UK, and Australasia.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author), Maria A. Newport (Author)
  • Date February 17, 2014
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