7 Elements for Influencing Corporate Culture

Publication Date: May 1 2009

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Elements7Corporations are recognizing that people are more likely to be motivated and stay in a culture that is positive and supportive. Research shows the high cost of toxic culture in regard to lost production, increased sick time, and decreased employee retention. What kind of environment does the average employee want to work in? Option 1: An environment that’s focused on revenues only and talks about its hardship. While the average employee sees their boss’ entitlements and benefits as much greater than their own, they are constantly told to keep up the hard work so the company can stay in business – almost a fear culture. Option 2: An environment that engages its workforce. Leaders are visible, develop strong relationships with their workforce, and are mindful of double standards. They are committed to sharing the rewards of the workforce’s hard work equally throughout the company and to building a co-operative and healthy work environment for all. From the author’s perspective, the answer is Option 2. Evidence and research suggest that employees who enjoy their workplace are much more loyal and are less likely to take sick time or suffer injuries. They miss work less often, are more productive, and have more career satisfaction. Companies are beginning to ask what it costs to do nothing and leave a culture in Option 1. Those that have committed to Option 2 know that the investment in time, resources, and energy has paid for itself many times over. Not only are their workforces more effective in Option 2, so are the managers. 7 Elements for Influencing Corporate Culture is the third book in the Howatt HR Consulting Talent Management Series. Each of the seven elements discussed in this volume has been developed to provide corporate leaders with insight and strategies for enhancing corporate culture. William A. Howatt, PhD, EdD, Post Doc Behavioral Science UCLA School of Medicine, is CEO of Howatt HR Consulting Inc., a strategic human resources management company. Howatt HR Consulting focuses on assisting companies to gain a significant competitive edge by minimizing risk to talent equity. This is accomplished through defining, designing, and developing talent management solutions for removing potential talent equity risks and to filling gaps.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date May 2, 2009
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