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Leading and Managing Through Change by William Howatt HR ConsultantA common cliché in the business world goes something like, “Change will always be constant and necessary to stay competitive.” No business is isolated from the challenges of competition to maintain market share or to adjust to global and economic pressures to keep the doors open. More than 50% of all mergers fail and one of the major contributing factors is cultural clash and the lack of strategic planning to mobilize and implement a strategic change management initiative. The ultimate success of many businesses is determined by how effective their leadership is at mobilizing and facilitating human capital to adopt and own changes believed necessary to stay competitive or even in business. Corporate leaders will be more effective in managing people if they have the fundamental knowledge and skills required for implementing successful organizational change. This program provides two fundamental elements required to be successful at implementing change management: how to assist individuals to understand and move through change and a framework for facilitating strategic organizational change. William A. Howatt, PhD, EdD, Post Doc Behavioral Science UCLA School of Medicine is CEO of Howatt HR Consulting Inc., a strategic human resources management company. Howatt HR Consulting focuses on assisting companies to gain a significant competitive edge by minimizing risk to talent equity. This is accomplished through defining, designing, and developing talent management solutions for removing potential talent equity risks and filling gaps.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date February 3, 2014
  • Tags Influencing
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