Etiquette, Ethics, and E-Communications

Project Description

Etiquette, Ethics, E-Communication by William Howatt HR ConsultantThis program facilitates conversations that need to be held (but rarely are) on etiquette, ethics, and E-communications. How we behave, communicate, and make decisions is judged by others. In a business setting, this can have a profound effect not only on one’s career trajectory, but also on the ability to attract allies and clients. While etiquette is driven by social (or external) norms, ethics are driven by internal value and external supports. This course examines both of these vital aspects that determine how we, as managers, behave.
This program introduces managers to professional etiquette regarding the basics from introductions, hosting obligations, guest obligations, and which fork to use. It also reminds us about the basic guides to professional business communications, including e-communications and our digital footprint. It offers an opportunity for students to ensure that they are crystal clear with respect to their professional ethics, and introduces ethical decision making to assist managers to have a framework to make decisions and to help ensure they do not end up on the front page of a newspaper.

Project Details

  • Client William Howatt
  • Date November 5, 2014
  • Tags Influencing
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