Golf Psyche – Second Edition

Publication Date: June 22 2007

Project Description

golfpsycheEvery golfer knows there is more to the game than the physical act of hitting a ball and watching it soar towards the green or tapping a putt and confidently watching it roll slowly to the cup. Like all athletes, golfers know that their emotional state and mental attitude probably have as much or more to do with their score as the hours spent on the practice tee. But how to get into that mental “zone”? Try adding three new clubs to your golf bag – the Planning Club, the Foundation Club, and the Success Club. Bill Howatt has molded several of the most powerful mental programming techniques available today into those three new tools. This unique, understandable, simple, and enjoyable program will be for many golfers their first experience at unleashing the power of the mind, so they can improve their game and enjoy success on the course. Let Golf Psyche take your mental game to a new level. Bill Howatt has loved and played golf since he was 11 years old. Like every golfer, he has had his share of frustrations on the course, but has used his years of research, study, and professional counselling experience to bring together the power of modern-day psychological theories and deliver them to his favourite sport. Golf Psyche grew out of his desire to help others excel at golf and to improve his own golf game.

Project Details

  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date June 22, 2007
  • Tags Coaching
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