Journal 45

Publication Date: May 29 2007

Project Description

Journal 45 by William HowattMany of us talk about wanting a New Beginning, which I define as any time you take on a new challenge, or want to reinvent some aspect of your life. Whether it’s old or new to you, it doesn’t matter, because for any New Beginning to be realized, it requires action. I have created this journal as a tool to facilitate the New Beginnings you have chosen, or are going to choose. Follow this guide for 45 days and you will have a good start. Be brave and hold the line. What you want may be more possible than you ever thought – with time, focus, and determination.

Project Details

  • Client William A. Howatt (Author), Bart Baggett (Contributor)
  • Date February 17, 2014
  • Tags Coaching
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