Leadership vs Management

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Leadership vs Management by William Howatt HR ConsultantThree core skills for an organization’s success are leadership, management, and teamwork. The purpose of this program is to help leaders examine the fundamental differences between the skills of leadership and management. Leadership is a philosophy, while management is a process, and too often these words are used interchangeably. Creating winning teams becomes increasingly complex without effective leadership and consistent and fair management. However, when they are in place, building a winning team is straightforward. In this leadership module, leaders will have an opportunity to self-evaluate their leadership and management styles and develop a game plan to take the core steps for building winning teams. William A. Howatt, PhD, EdD, Post Doc Behavioral Science UCLA School of Medicine, is CEO of Howatt HR Consulting Inc., a strategic human resources management company. Howatt HR Consulting focuses on assisting companies to gain a significant competitive edge by minimizing risk to talent equity. This is accomplished through defining, designing, and developing talent management solutions for removing potential talent equity risks and filling gaps.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date November 5, 2014
  • Tags Influencing
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