Parent’s Survival Guide

Publication Date: Nov. 30 2007

Project Description

Parents Survival Guide by William HowattBeing a parent in today’s world is becoming more complex and challenging. Good intentions alone are not enough. Parents need the skills of self-care, personal relationship, family planning, crisis intervention, and problem solving. Parent’s Survival Guide is intended to help parents with skills to assist them to do more than just survive the role of being a parent. WILLIAM A. HOWATT, Ph.D., Ed.D., is a teacher, counselor, consultant, and parent of three young children. He has been working with adolescents for the past 22 years. He calls on his counseling experience and his own background of growing up with an assortment of labels, such as ADHD and Learning Disabled, to offer advice to parents as they face the challenges of guiding their children through the 21st century.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date February 17, 2014
  • Tags Survival
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