Sparkle Kitty

Publication Date: March 1 2007

Project Description

SparklekittyEmily, Bill Howatt’s first child, was born with a heart defect, and for a time her parents did not know her fate. One positive effect of this fearful time was how a life-threatening illness helped tune her father in to every nuance of Emily’s existence. He became intrigued with the wisdom of this messenger who was in the form of a child. Her wisdom sparked this book, and the motivation to share it. From this experience, the author wanted to share the nine core life principles that are intended to help recall what you may have forgotten, or are not practicing. If everyone were to practice these principles the world may be a better place. Bill Howatt’s awakening occurred several years ago, and he understood that it would take work and time to get back what he had forgotten. However, as he slowly remembered, he became more aware of the quality of life he was living because of the wisdom of a child’s mind. His hope is that this book will help to refocus you, so you too will benefit from these reminders. Today may be a good day to start.

Project Details

  • Client William A. Howatt (Author), Anna-Maria Galante-Ward (Editor), Emily Howatt (Illustrator)
  • Date March 7, 2007
  • Tags Coaching
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