TalOp Beyond Engagement: The Employee Care Advantage

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TalOpKindleTalOp® is a strategy developed by Dr. William (Bill) A. Howatt for aligning talent and operations to optimize outputs and productivity. The underpinning theory of TalOp® is discussed in Bill’s first book in this series, TalOp®: Taking the Guesswork Out of Management.

Beyond Engagement
Like most employers, Tony, the CEO of a large pizzeria chain, understands financial spreadsheets and production processes for his company. But quality of work life wasn’t on his radar until one day he discovered that all was not well in some pizzerias.

Sales were up, customers were happy, and his business had just been nominated for an award for its growth. He should have been thrilled, but some of his outlets were not performing as well as others – not because of revenues but because of people costs. Those outlets had high absenteeism, overtime, and even workers’ compensation claims. That didn’t make sense, since every pizzeria outlet was set up on the same standard operating procedures, everyone was trained in a similar fashion, and hiring and management systems were identical.

On the surface, everything seemed the same as at the productive stores and yet Tony could tell, when he walked into the problem kitchens, that those workplaces were unhappy. He needed to understand why some employees thrived while others struggled, so he turned to his friend Bill Howatt, an industrial/organizational psychologist, to learn more about what makes his employees tick. He also wanted to know whether he could do anything to help his struggling outlets get back on track.
Join Tony on his quest to go Beyond Engagement to better understand his employees and discover what he can do to improve the quality of work life at his operations.

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  • Client William Howatt (Author), Constance Robinson (Author)
  • Date September 2, 2013
  • Tags TalOp
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