TalOp Client Relationship Management

Publication Date: Oct. 24 2013

Project Description

Client relationship management (CRM) results in great service to the client, but it is so much more than service with a smile. Recognizing that CRM needs to be embedded throughout all levels of an organization, Bill Howatt and Tyler Hayden, an international expert in developing teams and customer service, created an easy-to-use and relevant model (the H&H CRM Model). This model focuses on the two pillars of CRM: relationship building and client service. Neither can independently ensure client satisfaction. Together, they offer a sustainable means of providing CRM excellence. After reading this book you will understand the roles of clients, companies, and caretakers in relationship building ABCs (attitudes, behaviours, and consequences) of client service.

Project Details

  • Client William A. Howatt (Author), Tyler Hayden (Author), Constance Robinson (Author)
  • Date October 24, 2013
  • Tags TalOp
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