TalOp – Taking the Guesswork out of Management

Publication Date: March 30 2011

Project Description

TalopV2William A. Howatt is known internationally for his expertise in leadership development, human behavior, HR, and Operations Management. Dr. Howatt is the CEO of Howatt HR, a strategic HR consulting firm that works with executives and their workforce to align and excel their talent and operations management effectiveness and efficiency. Different than many HR companies that focus solely on HR functions and outputs, Howatt HR uses its TalOp strategy to provide organizations with an opportunity to obtain organizational transparency and accountability across a defined group or its entire organization at both a macro and micro level. Only when an organization has transparency (i.e., clarity into what people are really doing and how processes are really operating) is the executive leadership able to hold its workforce accountable for its performance and results. Once executive leaders have full transparency and accountability in place, they are in position to monitor and evaluate what problems and risk factors need to be solved or what improvements and changes need to be made to improve the organization’s productivity results. When executives obtain clarity and facts through TalOp, this strategy is designed to help them make the best decisions for their organization and to determine what talent and operational management strategies make the most sense to close defined gaps. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a TalOp intervention is that every piece of the puzzle is fully integrated and has a defined purpose to improve the organization’s performance results. TalOp is an acronym for talent (i.e., people) and operations (i.e., processes) management. TalOp is a disciplined, fact-finding approach for improving people effectiveness and engagement and process efficiency. TalOp’s objective is to improve client satisfaction through enhancing organization-wide accountability and transparency. TalOp frames what is needed to improve, define/validate standards (i.e., benchmarks) and maintain an organization’s desired level of excellence for managing talent and operations.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date March 30, 2011
  • Tags TalOp
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