Teacher’s Survival Guide – Third Edition

Publication Date: June 1 2007

Project Description

teacher's survival guideCope with today’s classrooms and become a more productive, effective teacher. Teacher’s Survival Guide is designed for the diverse issues all schools face today. Its purpose is to help explain the whys of challenging student behaviour and to provide teachers with a resource of tools that will assist them to work in a more effective manner when confronted with these challenges. Teachers will also find a tremendous amount of information intended to act as a guide in helping them cope with many of today’s difficult issues. Dr. Bill Howatt is CEO of Howatt HR Consulting Inc., a strategic human resources management company. He has presented to thousands of educators across North America on how to be more effective and safe in the classroom. Dr. Howatt brings teachers practical insight into the signs and symptoms of at-risk youth and practical strategies to mitigate risk. His motto is, “The first task of an effective teacher is to make learning interesting and build a positive learning environment – then managing a classroom is not as difficult.”

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  • Client William A. Howatt
  • Date February 17, 2014
  • Tags Survival
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