The Coping Crisis

September 8 2015

Project Description

The Coping Crisis book by William Bill HowattWhy are some people happier than others? Through Sam, representing the average North American worker, we explore how one’s life choices impact their happiness, and delve into the underlying reasons why. The average person’s life is often filled with challenges, and with those come stress. How one deals with this stress has a profound impact on their happiness. Mental illness is having a negative impact on people’s overall quality of life, including employees, families, employers, and on community safety. Many are asking, “Why does it appear as if more of my peers are experiencing negative mental health issues? Why is there no remedy offered? The Coping Crisis takes a journey through the eyes of Sam to explore mental health, stress, and the role of coping skills and how the lack of those skills impacts one’s health. Sam’s experiences help demonstrate how gaps in coping skills directly impact happiness, and show how one can improve their coping skills to improve their happiness and health.

Project Details

  • Client William Howatt
  • Date September 10, 2015
  • Tags Coaching, Survival
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