Why They Stay and Why They Go

Publication Date: June 1 2008

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Why They Stay and Why They Go, book by Bill HowattCorporations are looking more and more at performance metrics that provide quantitative data to explain what is happening in their organizations. But to understand the why it takes looking at the qualitative data that rest in the hearts and minds of the workforce. The single biggest competitive advantage any organization can have today is its people. Research has proven that attracting the right talent and reducing turnover have a direct financial benefit. This book examines some of the reasons why employees come to an organization and why they stay. Becoming an employer of choice is not an exercise or application; it’s a commitment to the way business will be done. An organization that creates a supportive culture and effective management that facilitates employee engagement and job satisfaction is on the way to becoming an employer of choice. William A. Howatt, PhD, EdD, Post Doc Behavioral Science UCLA School of Medicine, is recognized as an international strategic HR expert who works with organizations throughout the world to develop their most valuable resource-their human capital. Through his commitment to excellence, passion for learning, and teaching with a dash of humor he works with organizations and teams to achieve results in their quest to manage and develop their talent. Dr. Bill has been helping companies to discover attraction and retention solutions to better align their people with their business. He uses a simple formula to help companies define in real dollars what it is costing to do nothing and the potential risk. His approach is clear and logical to help organizations meet complex people issues head on and find solutions that work. Dr. Bill is a business columnist and has an extensive publishing history. He has an extensive academic and professional background that he uses in his consulting solutions.

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  • Client William A. Howatt (Author)
  • Date June 3, 2008
  • Tags Influencing
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