Sustainability Policy

Howatt HR recognizes that the cost of doing nothing applies to the environment as well as to businesses. Dr. Howatt recognizes environmentally sustainable practices are good business and good for the planet, and is committed to finding ways to conduct his consulting work in a manner that minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

Howatt HR promotes environmentally responsible behaviour in its work and is committed to actively seek and implement means to incorporate these types of behaviours into daily activities, including:

  • Preventing and reducing pollution that may arise from its activities
  • Adhering to relevant legal and other requirements associated with the work
  • Continually improving its environmental performance by setting and regularly reviewing its:
    • usage of materials, including paper, copying, office supplies, re-usable equipment, recyclable and re-purposed materials
    • travel practices, including promoting active transportation, shared transportation and scheduling travel to minimize consumption of non-renewable resources, and
    • modes of delivering its services, such as promoting teleconferencing, webinars and providing on-line links to resources and learning materials rather than printing unnecessarily
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