The Coping Crisis: Sharing Accountability Between Employers and Employees

Many organizations are doing great work to provide a psychologically safe workplace. They target workplace stressors, environmental hazards such as bullying, and taking action to support and engage their employees. Yet many employees continue to struggle, and workplace mental health issues are increasingly taking a toll on both the employee themselves, and the workplace as a whole.

Progressive employers are now adopting a philosophy of shared accountability between employers and employees– working together towards a psychologically safe workplace. Employees can—and do—have a big role to play in maximizing an organization’s productivity and success. But what is that role, and how can employers provide the tools and support needed to ensure a mentally healthy workplace for everyone?

This webinar by The Conference Board of Canada features Dr. Bill Howatt PH.D., Ed.D. Chief Research & Development Officer, Workforce Productivity, Morneau Shepell has over 25 years’ experience in strategic HR, mental health and addictions, and leadership.

He will explore the question of whether we face a mental health crisis, or a coping crisis. He will explore how employees get into a coping crisis and the pathways out, with a focus on action plans for both the employer and the employee.

He will discuss:

  • What are coping skills and why they matter.
  • Why coping skills are a lead indicator for predicting health and engagement.
  • How coping skills influence discretionary effort.
  • What employees can do to evolve their coping skills.
  • How employers can create shared accountability and action plans.

Price: $199.00 (CAD)

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