Vision Coaching

Vision CoachingTake your Leadership Coaching Experience to a whole new level and bring out the absolute best in your leaders.

We have developed V1 Coaching, a revolutionary program that seamlessly manages the leadership coaching experience and provides an accurate measurement of coaching outcomes.

It’s the maturity of the leadership coaching industry – introducing Measurable Coaching

Coaching is a powerful and proven leadership development approach and is most effective when the coachee begins the process with a strong desire for some new outcome, is ready to take action and has a commitment to engage the coaching process. Now, combine that commitment with a seamless, automated coaching process, a highly experienced Vision coach and the ability to measure the process and results of that coaching relationship.

The Impossible is now Possible

By automating our tried & true leadership coaching process with a robust software, we can now drive important analytics and measure coaching processes and outcomes that, up until now, were impossible to measure.

We’ve taken the Next Step

Vision Coaching with Howatt HRThe V1 Coaching Program for leadership coaching was developed using Vision Coaching’s results-driven coaching model combined with Howatt HR Consulting’s experience with IP, analytics & extensive knowledge of organizational psychology.

Most leadership coaches’ strengths lie in coaching, as they should, yet most end up wasting the majority of their precious time and effort managing the coaching relationship – a clunky, arduous paper trail. The V1 Coaching Program changes all of that by allowing the coach to focus on coaching and leaving the process management and measurement up to the automated, sophisticated online V1 Coaching Program!

The missing link – measuring the ROI of leadership coaching

Until now, getting an accurate measurement of the outcomes of a coaching relationship was elusive. The ROI of coaching was difficult if not impossible to measure.
The V1 Coaching Program not only provides important metrics but it automates and provides structure to the one-to-one coaching process including:
• Providing baseline assessments of leadership style, goals, challenges
• Monitoring the process to measure the value of coaching
• Monitoring the coaching experience, the individual coach and the coachee
• Getting a self-directed experience through a personal, secure online portal
• Monitoring what type of coaching is happening

What else can you expect from the V1 Coaching Program experience?

Being able to measure the process, the ROI of the coaching experience, the coach and the coachee is the incredible power behind the V1 Coaching Program. But there’s more.
The V1 Coaching Program also features:
• Stronger matches of coachees with coaches
• A higher level of accountability in the coachee
• One secure online place where coach & coachee share information
• A more consistent process
• Clear accountability
• Improved overall quality of the coaching experience
• Improved accountability in your organization

For more information about Vision Coaching:
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